video content production

for medical and pharmaceutical companies

We are a team specialized in content marketing, more specifically in the creation of professional video content oriented to corporate communication and storytelling for companies that operate in the healthcare, medical, and pharmaceutical sector.
We have fortnightly experience and varied background, which alternates artistic with scientific skills.

we create.

Based on your needs, we suggest the most suitable language and format to spread your message.

we make.

We create your content professionally, with live footage or computer animation, following the highest-quality standards.

we share.

Upon delivery, we provide you with the necessary tools to enjoy your content on all available channels.



corporate storytelling
The story of your company, told according to the most appropriate narrative canons, in order to captivate the viewer and build an emotional bond with him.
animations, stories & 3d
Animations, Instagram stories and graphic demonstrations: captivating and versatile contents. Excellent commercial tools, or to be used for information purposes.
tv commercials & web
Short videos, made through the most current narrative techniques, in order to improve involvement with the brand, or to push the viewer to purchase a product or service.
conferences and events
The best way to tell about an event, through the voices and images of the protagonists.
promotional videos
The business card of your company, or the best way to show your professional image.
If you need customized solutions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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